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Alan & Stacy Jacobson
Northport, New York
August 17, 2007
Married Aboard the "Explorer of the Seas"
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
(Cape Liberty, Port of Bayonne, Bayonne, NJ)

Alan & Stacy shown with Sydney, Jarod & Lorelai

Michael & Kelly Ratigan
Mahwah, NJ
August 12, 2007
Married at the "Brielle River House"
(Brielle, NJ)

Matthew & Lisa Haenni
Lawrence Twp, NJ
August 12, 2007
Married Aboard the "Explorer of the Seas"
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
(Cape Liberty, Port of Bayonne, Bayonne, NJ)

Jose & Marilyn Santillan
Harrison, NJ
August 12, 2007
Married Aboard the "Explorer of the Seas"
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
(Cape Liberty, Port of Bayonne, Bayonne, NJ)

Dear Captain Arnold,

Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. Everyone commented on how wondeful you are. You truly touched everyone with your words. I could not be more happy. It was the ceremony I always dreamed of. You made my day very special.

Thank you so much!

Love always,

Mari & Jose Santillan

Douglas & Alana Skene
Mineola, New York
August 11, 2007
Married at "Atlantis Marine World"
(Riverhead, New York)

Timothy & Jacquelyn Martin
Vernon, CT
August 11, 2007
Married Aboard the "Norwegian Dawn"
Norwegian Cruise Lines
(Port of New York, Pier 90, NY)

Dear Captain Arnold,

We are writing to you to express how beautiful you made our wedding ceremony. From our first meeting with you, you made us feel comfortable, explained to us what we could expect during the ceremony and made sure we were relaxed.

Our vows that you provided were so meaningful and the sand ceremony was very special to us. The contrasting colors of red and yellow were fabulous.

Our friends and family were so impressed with the ceremony. "We thought you would say 'I do', 'I do' and the ceremony would be over, but instead it was a very beautiful wedding."

Captain Arnold, when we look back on our special wedding day, we will always remember you fondly. Thank you for wedding memories that will forever live in our minds and in our hearts.

Jacquelyn and Timothy Martin

Sanjoy & Jill Mukherjee
Flushing, New York
August 10, 2007
Married at the Waters Edge
(Long Island City, New York)

Dear Capt. Arnold

This letter is long overdue, but as time passes you are more and more appreciated. It meant so much to us that someone who had met us before we went on the journey towards marriage could marry us. I knew from the time we had met before and all the stories we had heard about you that one day when the time was right you would be the one to marry us. Of all the difficult decisions that come with planning a wedding, you were the easiest and you exceeded our expectations a million times over. We still continue to this day, almost a year later, hearing about how wonderful and amazing Capt. Arnold was at our wedding. From family to friends and colleagues, young and old, everyone has acknowledged how special you made our ceremony and as we continue to attend more weddings since, all we hear is ďThat was nice, but it wasnít the Captain.Ē When you really look back, a wedding isnít about the flowers, the cake or the dress. Itís about the commitment two people make to each other and you made that moment stand out and not be forgotten as so many tend to do. Words canít describe how memorable you made our wedding. You made us laugh and cry and really think about the commitment we were making. The sand ceremony and the rose ceremony really added that individual touch so many of our guests had never seen, adding to the uniqueness we successfully created with your help. You truly have an amazing way with words and know how to captivate peopleís hearts. You are a special person and will hold a very dear place with us always. We look forward to watching our video ceremony over and over and it is because of you that we will continue to enjoy one of the most memorable moments of our lives. Thank you for being part of our wedding and for everything you did to make it special. Take care of yourself and hopefully we will see you soon.

Love always,
Jill & Sanjoy

Christopher & Alexandra Gogas
Mastic Beach, New York
August 10, 2007
Married Aboard the Motor Yacht "Skyline Princess"
(World's Fair Marina, Flushing, NY)

Raymond & Haejae Stio
Flushing, NY
August 4, 2007
Married Aboard the Motor Yacht "Skyline Princess"
(World's Fair Marina, Pier One, Flushing, NY)

Dear Captain:

Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding. Ray and I particularly want to thank Mimi for her attention to details and thoughtfullness. She is an amazing coordinator.

The wedding was beautiful and everyone had a wonderful time. This is exactly what I hoped for. I will tell everyone about you Captain!

Sincerely, Haejae & Ray

Michael & Jamie Hoehlein
East Meadow, NY
August 4, 2007
Married at the Venetian Yacht Club
(Babylon, New York)

"A review posted on LIWeddings.com"

We cannot thank Captain Arnold enough for his outstanding service. He incorporated our selections of religious readings into his tailored ceremony. Our guests continue to rave about his sense of humor and unique speech, even inquiring for his contact information to renew their vows or perform their marraige . The sand ceremony was a perfect substitute for a candle lighting during our outdoor ceremony and the rose ceremony was a perfect way to honor our mothers on our special day.
Michael and Jamie Hoehlein

Sean & Nathalie Belpulsi
Montreal-Quebec, Canada
August 3, 2007
Married Aboard the "Explorer of the Seas"
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
(Cape Liberty, Port of Bayonne, NJ)

Hi Capt. Arnold,

Sorry we did not write back to so soon after the cruise. We just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the ceremony that you performed and how smoothly everything went thanks to you and Jessica (wedding coordinator). I don't think it requires mentioning how stressful and nerve racking a wedding day can be but Nat and I felt that our day unfolded with a breeze.... a sea breeze as it were (haha). Everyone who attended the ceremony kept talking about how impressed they were with it. It was the topic of conversations throughout the cruise. Your words and the vows that Nat and I exchanged brought tears of joy and smiles to everyone that day.

We remember how you told us beforehand to really listen to what you were saying throughout the ceremony and to focus on the meaning of the words. We wanted to let you know that we did and they really meant alot to us. Our day truly was a memorable day that we will cherish forever and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help in coaching us through and making the day so wonderful for everyone.

With great gratitude,

Sean A. Belpulsi & Nathalie Savoy

N & R
Some Where in NJ
August 1, 2007
Married Aboard the "Crown Princess"
Princess Cruise Lines
(Brooklyn Ship Terminal, Brooklyn, NY)

Joseph & Lynn Giugliano Jr.
Kings Park, New York
July 29, 2007
Married Aboard the "Explorer of the Seas"
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
(Cape Liberty, Port of Bayonne, NJ)

Dear Captian Arnold,

We received our package today! Even your package was great. We loved it! We couldn't have been happier that day and you made it all the more happier. We had so many people tell us how wonderful your ceremony was. Everyone had mentioned a little piece of your advice that they themselves had found helped them have a happy marriage. Most mentioned was "Don't go to bed angry."

Thank you again.

Joey & Lynn Giugliano

Hariel & Lisa Corsair
Flushing, New York
July 27, 2007
Married Aboard the Motor Yacht "Cloud Nine III"
(World's Fair Marina, Flushing, New York)

Marlo & Sandra Caso
East Elmhurst, New York
July 22, 2007
Married Aboard the "Skyline Princess"
(World's Fair Marina, Pier 1, Flushing, NY)

The ceremony was great! I would gladly recommend you to another marrying party. Thanks a lot.

Marlo & Sandra

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